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HNC Capital AG is a Munich based investment company, which primarily invests in young and fast-growing companies. Our goal is to generate the highest risk-adjusted returns for our shareholders. HNC Capital is led by its three founders, who are responsible for all management and investment decisions. The management team is supported by a competent and experienced board of directors.

What makes us unique

Before founding HNC Capital, we were all active entrepreneurs and angel investors, so we knew both sides of the table. This gave us a unique perspective into what start-ups need and investors look for.

From an investor’s perspective, the main problem to enter the market for venture capital investing is that the venture capital market is limited to professional and institutional investors. HNC Capital was founded to make venture capital investing more accessible to retail investors. In contrast to conventional venture capital funds, our structure is corporate. Thus, HNC Capital opens up the opportunity for its shareholders to invest in a diversified portfolio of striving companies.

For founders one of the major pain points in regard to investor dealings is the predefined holding period of venture capital funds. The capital, HNC Capital manages on behalf of its shareholders is permanent equity capital. Therefore, HNC Capital is not restricted by any holding period. HNC Capital can truly invest for the long-term and benefit from the entire value creation of its investments.

In order to create the most value for shareholders and our portfolio companies, we created a set of guiding principles.

Our guiding principles

We believe the hardest problems can only be solved by collaborating.

We connect entrepreneurs, investors, managers, professionals, industry experts, and others in the ecosystem. The more Win-Win Situations we can create within our network the more value will be created for everyone.

We are entrepreneurs at heart.

We have a passion for entrepreneurship that drives us to go far beyond “just” investing. We aim to drive growth alongside our partners and help support their businesses where we can.

We have a radical lean company structure without any hierarchical barriers.

The circumstances of every start-up are different and therefore the amount and type of financing a company needs differ from start-up to start-up. Owing to our corporate structure we can make fast and opportunistic decisions - providing the necessary capital when it’s needed most.

We are stage agnostic.

We invest in seed to late-stage companies. HNC Capital is not subject to any restrictions regarding the industry, size or phase of a potential portfolio company.

We eat our own cooking.

Our interests are best aligned with our shareholders’ interests by investing our own capital into HNC Capital. The entire management team holds a significant amount of the company’s share capital.


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